Painting is the main area of our activities, so we are highly experienced in it. We offer affordable painting services in Santa Monica with ultimate quality. You have found the best place where you can have your home painted or repainted with extra care and quality.

We can supply all kinds and colours of paint in order to fulfil your needs and wishes. Our team of painters are very skilled and experienced in both painting and decoration.

Also, we provide affordable cleaning services.

Services we provide for interior paining:

  • Movement and replacement of furniture, if necessary
  • Covering of all areas with clean drop clothes
  • Removal of unpainted hardware in order to protect it
  • Preparation of all surfaces according to the specific needs and requirements
  • Usage of high quality materials

Services we provide upon finalization of our work:

  • Return of all pieces of furniture to their original locations
  • Vacuum cleaning of the whole area
  • Final inspection of the completed work with the customer

Services we provide for exterior painting: painting and decorating

  • Removal of storm windows in accordance with all specifications
  • Covering of grass and bushes in the areas near the house
  • Application of plastic covers on the brick walls and walkways
  • Preparation of all surfaces for the painting process (may include light repairs or carpentry)
  • Painting, staining, and power-washing of decks