Contemporary Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Installing vaulted ceiling lighting could be a challenging task due to the shape of the ceiling itself. It’s not a flat ceiling where you can make some points and install the bulbs or the fixtures, it is an inverted v shaped ceiling for which you need special styles of the fixtures. Making the points are also a daunting task, you need to do it in order without making a single mistakes. Continue reading “Contemporary Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas”

Ceiling Fans with Light for indoor and Outdoor Decor

Ceiling fans with light are considered a new addition for indoor and outdoor decoration because they alleviate the need for additional lighting fixtures. If the room is small and square and your budget is low, you do not need to spend money on lighting fixtures and fan separately when you can get your hands on both features together by buying one complete unit. Continue reading “Ceiling Fans with Light for indoor and Outdoor Decor”

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles ! Some Facts about their Popularity

What are acoustical ceiling tiles and why are they popular among interior decorators and designers these days? You might have heard of the term many times during home renovation but may not have questioned what they are. We all know that the height of ceiling in any room may make that space either a comfortable or uncomfortable place to live in. Continue reading “Acoustical Ceiling Tiles ! Some Facts about their Popularity”