Things to Consider for Small Bathroom Makeover

It’s both fun and exciting to do a small bathroom makeover with little floor plan in hand and upgraded vanity design.
Giving a makeover to the bathroom is more or less like giving a makeover to your face, you look beautiful and attractive when you use the right makeup for your skin tone, in the same fashion your bathroom turns out to be comfortable when you install the vanities of right size, color and styles. Continue reading “Things to Consider for Small Bathroom Makeover”

Advantages of bathroom ceiling fan

Bathroom ceiling fan was invented years ago during the time when industrial workers used to slogged hard at work and needed something for taking rest. The fan would circulate air in the area and helped them get peace of mind. Bravo to electrical engineering that one master piece has come a long way since then to add level of comfort in daily lives of many who work in summers and needed fresh source of air. Continue reading “Advantages of bathroom ceiling fan”